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Making An Appointment


Hi!  I'm April your appointment concierge.  Starting therapy can be the hardest part of feeling better and I applaud the courage it takes to contact us.  Our Appointment Request form is built to leave the heavy lifting to us.

The Right Match

On our appointment request form we use "what brings you in", location, and availability to thoughtfully match you with the therapist who is best suited to your needs and schedule.

Insurance Made Easy

We verify insurance benefits prior to your first appointment in order to alleviate billing surprises. We believe that knowing your financial burden empowers you to make informed choices about your care.


No Surprises

As your appointment concierge I will contact you directly and gather all of the information for your first appointment, and ensure you have everything you need. 

Easy Access 

You will receive an invitation to our client portal where you can access all of the forms to complete prior to the first appointment. 


I know this is a big step, and I am here if you have any questions.  Please feel free to call our office, submit a question here and be sure to check our FAQ for common questions. 

Appointment Request

To match a therapist, what brings you in?
Which location do you prefer?
Insurance Questions

If you did not see your insurance, this means that we are likely out of network.  Services may not be covered or may be subject to a different set of out of network benefits.

Billing & Insurance

Our mission is to ensure that our clients are able to make informed choices about their care.  One aspect of this is understanding the costs of therapy.  We are happy to talk through all of your options prior to your first appointment. If using insurance, we will verify your insurance benefits prior to your first appointment and provide you with a detailed breakdown. 

A Wide Range for Your Convenience

  • Self-Pay: Many clients may choose to pay for therapy themselves as a way to secure their privacy and for increased independence in choices. 

    • We accept cash, check and all major credit cards

  • Insurance currently accepted:

    • Aetna PPO

    • BlueCross Blue Shield PPO

    • United Healthcare PPO

    • Cigna

  • Out of Network Benefits:  Even if we are not paneled with your insurance, you may still be eligible for coverage. Coverage varies but most plans will reimburse clients for our sessions ranging from 25% to 90% of the total fee.  If you would like to use your insurance, please contact your insurance company and ask what coverage you have when seeing an “out of network” provider.

Please note:  All sessions must be paid for at the end of your appointment.

Checking Your Coverage

If you would like to check your benefits prior to reaching out, we recommend that you ask the following questions of your insurance provider:

  • What are my mental health benefits for outpatient psychotherapy in an office setting and/or telehealth (insurance codes 90791 for initial assessments and 90837 for on-going therapy sessions)?

  • What is my annual deductible for health care (including mental health) and how much has been met?

  • Is there a co-pay or co-insurance amount I need to cover per session?

  • Are there any restrictions in terms of diagnosis covered or number of yearly sessions allowed?

You can access monthly itemized statements for submission to insurance companies or health savings account (HSA) plans on our client portal. ​

Please note:  There is a $75 fee for missed appointments or cancellations made without 24 hours notice.

Frequently Asked Questions



  • Complete all of your intake paperwork at least 24 hours in advance to your appointment. 

  • Bring your insurance card and driver’s license or other ID.

  • Bring payment for services if not using a credit card.

  • Bring the contact information for any other care providers that you would like us to coordinate care with (i.e., psychiatrist, PCP, OB/GYN, etc.).


The first session of therapy can be scary. It definitely can be uncomfortable to open up to a stranger about the things your are struggling with. We strive to create a welcoming and safe environment.  

You can expect to spend your first session talking about what is bringing you in to therapy as well as aspects of your history that are relevant to what is going on today.


Sessions are typically 50 minutes in length but may vary due to insurance coverage limitations.

It is recommended that you attend weekly sessions at the start of treatment. You may move to a less frequent schedule as you see improvement in your mood and/or situation. Our therapists are flexible and will work with you to find a frequency of care that is appropriate to your needs and availability. 


There is no "one size fits all" answer. Research supports that about half of the people who come to therapy can effectively address one problem with short-term therapy. While clients with significant trauma histories or other deeply challenging issues may  require longer-term therapy.


Our therapists will ensure that the time you do spend in therapy is meaningful and helps you find resolution and healing.