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Where you find the power of 

Connection, Hope, and a Calm Mind

Welcome to Calm Mind Counseling Center

Where empathy and understanding is our priority. We understand that life's challenges can have lasting effects, causing trauma, anxiety, depression, and other behavioral health issues.

We know that reaching out for help takes courage, and we commend you for taking this first step. Remember, you are not alone, our mental health professionals are here to listen, understand, and guide you towards healing your symptoms.

Take that brave first step towards a brighter future by scheduling an appointment with our clinical practice today. Together, we can solve problems and cultivate a calm mind and a hopeful heart. Let us walk this transformative journey hand in hand.

Counseling Treatments


Safe Quiet Counseling

Safe Space

EMDR Treatment

Our Difference

We understand that therapy can be difficult and intimidating.  Our spaces are built to feel safe and comfortable, reflecting our warm and relaxed vibe.  You'll instantly feel calmer when you enter our office.

Calm Mind Counseling Center specializes in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, a groundbreaking therapy that produces results when even other types of therapy do not.

The health care clinicians at Calm Mind Counseling Center have trained in various psychotherapy treatment areas and will tailor your treatment plan around your unique needs to ensure you find a calm mind and overall healing.

Calm Mind Family Therapists

If you're suffering from trauma, anxiety, panic disorder, or other forms of psychological pain, consider Calm Mind Counseling Center. Our compassionate approach helps our clients make the most of their therapeutic journey.
Our professional therapists have extensive training in trauma-informed care, EMDR Therapy, and an array of other types of talk therapy treatments.

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counselor and patient session

Caring and Compassionate Therapy in a Safe Setting 

If clients don't feel safe during therapy, the vital work of helping them boost the quality of their lives through improved psychological functioning won't get done. Progress towards treatment objectives comes to a screeching halt because clients fear revealing their true selves to their therapist.

At Calm Mind Counseling Center, we ensure our clients can look forward to the continued and predictable experience of feeling safe whenever they book a session. Because we believe that a patient’s psychological safety is just as important as their physical safety, we do everything in our power to create a space where clients are able to explore their painful feelings and memories without judgment.

This includes creating a therapeutic context where clients feel unconditionally accepted and understood. In a safe environment, clients dealing with a disturbing event, anxiety, depression, or trauma feel emotionally secure enough to drop the hyper-vigilance that is a protective mechanism against perceived threats. This means that psychological suffering is processed in a way that is restorative instead of re-traumatizing.

Providing a safe environment is essential if a client is going to develop the trust necessary to succeed in therapy. However, creating a sense of safety is not the end goal, it is an essential prerequisite to the therapeutic interventions that help clients establish more effective coping strategies and look forward to their next session.

A New Way of Looking at Trauma 

Experiencing traumatic painful events can have a devastating effect on our mental health and in turn behaviors, with negative thoughts shattering our familiar ways of thinking and tuning into anxiety and depression.

This can cause us to feel hopelessly adrift with negative thoughts. Because the journey back to positive belief can be difficult, you need a supportive and experienced therapist who can help put the pieces back, a licensed counselor who understands your symptoms and can provide treatment that will help you to cope with disturbing thoughts, a healthcare provider that can prescribe medications that will help you to cope with most any depression anxiety medical condition.

counselor and patient hand shaking

At Calm Mind Counseling Center, we equip clients with the psychology tools they need to effectively deal with trauma. That way, the past does not overshadow the present.

Instead of our clients feeling that they are nothing more than a warehouse of painful memories, our clients learn how to marshal their inner resources to effect meaningful change.
Our trauma-informed approach to treatment will provide you with much-needed relief from your own mind. This is because your therapist will help you to find the very root of how all the negative beliefs you may have experienced in your past, will cause you to view yourself and the world through a distorted, negative lens.

Things that happened years ago color how you see the present. The supportive alliance you forge with your therapistt can be the cornerstone of a new way of looking at the world blessedly free from the stranglehold the past has had on your life.  

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Freedom From the Effects of Past Trauma 

Trauma tends to freeze previously flexible neural pathways into a set of rigid and reactive responses. That is why it can be challenging to mitigate its effects without the help of a skilled counselor.

At Calm Mind Health Centers, our non-judgmental treatment approach allows you to effectively process all the traumas that continue to have an oversized impact on your life.

Severe trauma fundamentally transforms the mind so that it focuses almost exclusively on a single task: protecting you from imaginary harm. If you suffer from post-traumatic stress, you most likely rely too much on the parts of your brain that anticipate all the things that could go wrong.

This means that neural functions that allow you to revel in personal triumphs, enjoy the beauty of the present moment, and form meaningful relationships with others are shut down. This can lead to anhedonia, an inability to take pleasure in life.

Individuals suffering from severe trauma do not feel safe, even when their environment is not dangerous. It is as if their brains shut out all new information that contradicts their hostile view of the world. This can cause them to view events inaccurately, which leads to overreactions.

Trauma leaves you psychologically impaired and vulnerable. This prevents you from accessing your inner strength, which helps you build resiliency. Therapy with our trained mental health professionals will help you learn the coping skills you need to diminish the harmful effects of painful memories.

What People are Saying

Calm Mind provides therapy services in a comfortable environment. From walking in and flipping my therapist's light switch to them greeting me and sitting on the couch during each session, Calm Mind has always provided a relaxing and private environment. In addition, my therapist did an excellent job listening to all of concerns and feedback each meeting and creating a framework to tackle each of my personal issues from session to session. I was able to recognize and build strategies for becoming more resilient to a lot of the issues that were affecting my mental health.


counselor and patient session

EDMR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy)

EMDR therapy is a highly effective and evidence-based treatment approach designed to address trauma and its related symptoms.

It is a psychological treatment that is an ideally suited treatment to help identify and help treat conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive compulsive disorder, emotional distress, and other mental health disorders. EDMR therapy is a new way through eye movements to establish your state of mind in a relaxed calm environment with a qualified health care therapist

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a treatment that helps you recognize and control your automatic thoughts (which tend to be negative). It also teaches you ways to change dysfunctional behavior patterns. CBT teaches that while you cannot control every single aspect of the universe, you can control how you interpret what happens.

Some other therapy types focus on how past events affect your current state of mind. However, CBT emphasizes the present, not something that happened long ago. Once you embark on a course of treatment, you will cultivate thought patterns that allow you to live life at the highest levels instead of destroying your happiness.

counselor and patient hand shaking

Increase Your Capacity for Joy

Our counselors can help you achieve freedom from acute psychological pain by making you more conscious of your feelings and behavioral patterns. We'll help you explore your past experiences so that you can cultivate keen insights into how they led to your current feelings of unhappiness.

This can increase your capacity for joy so you can create a more fulfilling life.

An Incremental, Strategic Approach

At Calm Mind Counseling Center, you’ll teach your brain how to differentiate traumatic memories from actual events. This helps to restore brain functions that have been deactivated due to the pain associated with past experiences.

Although you probably won’t entirely eradicate traumatic memories from your mind, you’ll be able to mitigate their effects. That way, you-and not your trauma-are calling the shots. 

A Vibrant Sense of Hope 

Hope helps create an optimistic outlook even in the most challenging circumstances. With hope there to guide us, we can envision a better future for ourselves. This allows us to access our inner reserves, strengthening our resolve to extricate ourselves from psychological pain.

Psychotherapy has the power to dispel the darkness of mental torment so you can experience the joy that arises when you’re free of past wounds. At Calm Mind Counseling Center, you’ll not only get the therapy you need to heal the fractured parts of your psyche—you'll also experience the kind of hope that goes light years beyond unrealistic, wishful thinking.

Our Therapists

It can be hard to find the right therapist. We strongly believe that the best indicator of whether or not therapy will be successful is if you feel comfortable with your therapist.

At Calm Mind Counseling Center we have an amazing team of therapists with a variety of backgrounds and experience in areas such as EMDR therapy, children and families, trauma treatment, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, eating disorders, clinical psychology and many other therapies.

Your counselor and other mental health professionals at Calm Mind Counseling Center will always be always sensitive to your needs and sympathetic. You will be treated in a relaxed calm environment.

Before your session begins, our mental health professionals will assess your symptoms ensuring that you are relaxed and in the right state of mind to start treatment.

About Our Treatments

Calm Mind is a positive affirmations mental health healthcare provider. We provide many forms of psychodynamic therapy; our human services are compassionate and use an evidence base for psychological assessment.

Spaces Built To Make You Feel Safe And Comfortable

We are understanding and non-judgemental, so please be assured that we understand how difficult it is to discuss subjects like substance abuse and eating disorders, we are here to help you and we will never judge you, so please take this first step, we want to help you to overcome this a find a new positive belief in yourself that will last for years ahead.

Although you probably won’t entirely eradicate traumatic memories from your mind, you’ll be able to mitigate their effects. That way, you-and not your trauma-are calling the shots. 

We provide services for couples therapy, relationship therapy, anger management therapy, anxiety therapy, and interpersonal therapy and many other therapies.

Health Insurance

Please contact our counceling centers for details of accepted health care plans, when doing this please also make us aware of any psychiatric medications that you may currently be taking. If you would like us to coordinate your health care with medical doctors or any other health care professional, then please provide details.

Based in Illinois just outside Chicago in Chicagoland we have locations in Westchester, Willowbrook, and soon to open Forest Park Illinois. Calm Mind Counseling Centers are here to help you solve problems, overcome negative thoughts, and restore your positive beliefs.

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