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EMDR Certification

For Professionals

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Clinicians seeking EMDR basic training consultation and certification are required to work with an  EMDRIA-approved consultant. As part of our efforts to expand education on EMDR, we offer the opportunity to work with Suzanne Muirheid, an EMDRIA Approved Consultant and Facilitator with the EMDR Institute.

Suzanne has extensive training in the use of EMDR with a specialty focus in Ego State Therapy and parts work, PTSD and complex trauma (C-PTSD), dissociative disorders and attachment trauma.

EMDR training from Suzanne is completed at your own pace. As a recognized expert in EMDR therapy,  she can help you through the certification process and guide you to a level where you are competent in implementing EMDR techniques at all levels.

Suzanne is accepting new consultees at all experience levels for consultation and can provide approved hours for the following:

  • Clinicians who are attending Basic Training with the EMDR Institute (10 hours)

  • Clinicians seeking EMDR certification from EMDRIA (20 hours)

What is EMDR Certification?

EMDR Certification is an advanced level of training and experience in EMDR therapy that goes beyond the basics. It offers a higher level of expertise compared to EMDR Basic Training.

As overseen by the EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) in the USA and Canada, this specialized credential requires additional training and experience beyond the foundational EMDR Basic Training.

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, which is used in many treatments today for symptoms of trauma, PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorders, along with a wide range of psychological symptoms.

Benefits of EMDR Certification

This certification serves as a testament to your exceptional skills and proficiency as an EMDR therapist. It demonstrates your dedication to continuous learning, integrity, and advanced therapeutic abilities.

For private practitioners, it showcases your qualifications and competency. EMDR Certification positions you as a leading practitioner among your colleagues and within the organization.

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EMDR therapy tool

Invest in Your Practice with the EMDR Certification

The EMDR Certification process allows you to proceed at your own pace and we provide flexible options to achieve your goals and enhance your EMDR skills.

Individual EMDR Consultation

Individual consultation is an hour long and can be provided either virtually or in person. It can be scheduled on a regular basis or as needed. The fee is $155 for 60 minutes. Please contact us to schedule.

Group EMDR Consultation

Group consultation is an hour long, provided virtually and meets on a monthly basis. Groups are booked in sets of 6 at a time and have a min of 3 people and max of 6 people. The fee is $40 a session. 

Basic Training Groups:

These groups run on a biweekly basis and are a great fit for clinicians who need their 10 hours for Trained status with the EMDR Institute and for clinicians who would like to brush up on the basics of EMDR.

  • Mondays @ 1pm CST

  • Tuesdays @ 11a CST

  • Thursdays @ 1p CST

Advanced Training Groups:

These groups run every 4 weeks and are targeted towards clinician who are working towards certification or who would like to pursue advanced topics in the application of EMDR.

  • Mondays @ 1pm CST

  • Tuesdays @ 12p CST

  • Tuesdays @ 11a CST

  • Wednesday @ 1p CST

  • Thursdays @ 1p CST


Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page to get more information on how to register. 

EMDR Workshops

Suzanne currently offers workshops that are approved for EMDRIA and NBCC credits. Please contact us to find out more information on the scheduling and costs of the following topics:

  • EMDR Refresher Course

  • Understanding Structural Dissociation

EMDR Networking Events

Join a community of therapists passionate about growing their EMDR skills. Events are tailored around fostering community and increasing knowledge of EMDR therapy and related trauma techniques. Contact us to join our EMDR community.

To learn more about EMDR consultation and training opportunities, contact us today!

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