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Calm Mind Counseling Center is a trauma-focused behavioral health practice in a dynamic growth stage expanding our team of experienced trauma therapists. This position provides a great opportunity for professional growth both as a clinician and within Calm Mind. We are looking for an ambitious, dynamic and compassionate team member to grow with us.

We prioritize a work/life balance while growing professionally. You can choose the demographic of clientele that you are most passionate about while growing your trauma counseling skills. This is an environment where you can explore different clinical topics, challenge yourself and make new connections in the field. You can set a schedule that promotes a work/life balance.



  • Comprehensive understanding of trauma-informed counseling and various therapeutic techniques.

  • Strong organizational and problem solving skills both clinically and administratively.

  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to be assertive while maintaining composure and openness to feedback.



  • W2 position with pay commensurate with licensure level and caseload

  • Medical Benefits and 401K

  • EMDR Basic Training paid for and consultation towards certification provided

  • Annual individual training stipend 

  • Individual and group consultation 

  • Full time administrative support including intake and billing coverage

  • Opportunities to grow, expand skill set, and take on additional responsibilities and leadership roles as the practice grows

  • Make an impact and work with other passionate, dedicated colleagues



  • Full Time Employees must see at least 20 appointments a week / Part Time must see at least 10 appointments

  • Apply best practices and be up to date with clinical trainings

  • Maintain a cancellation rate less than 20%

  • Complete notes within 7 days of service

  • Attend individual and group supervision

  • Attend an EMDR training as paid for by the practice

  • Uphold HIPAA privacy standards for client data

  • Provide clinical services in person at 7621 Roosevelt Road, Forest Park and/or at 6713 Kingery Highway, Willowbrook as based on clinician's preferred schedule and office availability.

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