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  • Jeana Frazier

3 Different Areas of Self Care That We Might Not Think About

Self-care can be simply defined as ‘what we do for ourselves to take care of our health and well-being’. When we think about self-care, what are some the first things that come to mind? Maybe taking a bubble bath? Eating our favorite foods? Or relaxing on the couch? While all of these are wonderful ways to take care of our overall well being, there are many other areas of self-care that are often overlooked or underappreciated. Self-care extends farther than just physical self-care. From a holistic standpoint, all of our parts are important and must be taken care of. True, genuine self-care encompasses many different areas of our lives. And while self-care may look different for everyone, each area is equally important.

Let’s look at 3 areas of self-care that you may not think about:

Professional/Workplace Self-Care

  • Feeling burnt out at work? Finding it difficult to complete tasks or stay focused? Feeling that you are lacking support or supervision? You may need more professional or workplace self-care habits! Here is a list of good professional self-care habits (these include tips for those who go into work and/or work from home):

  • Take breaks (ex: lunch, 10-minute break)

  • Find time to chat with coworkers

  • Arrange your workspace so it is comfortable (or make a different, separate space for work at home)

  • Set limits with colleagues and coworkers (it’s okay to say no sometimes!)

  • Negotiate your needs (benefits, pay raise, breaks)

Relationship Self-Care

  • This area of self-care is not limited to romantic relationships, but can include friendships, family relationships, and acquaintances. Our social supports can be crucial during times of need, struggle, or hardship. Communicating and interacting with others can be a great way to boost our mood and allow us to feel present with the people in our lives. Here are some good relationship self-care habits:

  • Call, check on, or visit relatives

  • Schedule regular dates with your partner/spouse

  • Schedule regular dates with friends

  • Allow others to do things for you

  • Ask for help when you need it

Spiritual Self-Care

  • Spiritual self-care can be either religious, non-religious, or a mixture of both! Spirituality has different meanings for different people, but all these self-care habits can help us to nurture our spirit and connect ourselves to our true self:

  • Be open to not knowing or not knowing the answer right away

  • Meditate/pray

  • Contribute to a cause that you believe in

  • Practice Forgiveness

  • Make time for reflection

It can be easy to get lost in the work/life balance and to forget about taking care of ourselves. However, we are all deserving of the same compassion and care that we give to others. Self-care is not only important, but it is crucial to a healthy lifestyle. We need to take care of ourselves, so we can support and take care of others.

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